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Happy 11th Anniversary to the First Fullmetal Alchemist Series!

holy molly this thing took me like an hour and i know it’s not the prettiest but i still wanted to do something for our FMA day! Happy 3/Oct!  never forget!


engrave this date into your blog and never forget.

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  2. Who is your NOTP?
  3. Favourite OTP scene?
  4. Who is your OT3?
  5. 3 favourite characters?
  6. Least favourite character?
  7. Scene you’d like to see?
  8. Favourite flashback?
  9. Favourite season and why?
  10. Best minor character?
  11. Most badass character?
  12. Funniest character?
  13. Favorite quote from the series?
  14. Favourite season?
  15. Character you’d love to kill off?
  16. Most ridiculous plot line?
  17. Favourite actress?
  18. Favourite actor?
  19. Favourite guest actor/actress?
  20. Favourite underused character?
  21. Actress or actor you’d love to see on the show?
  22. Favourite crossover pairing?
  23. Character you loved who died too soon?
  24. Favourite song from the show?
  25. How would you like the show to end?


Winry got no time for your shit, Ed

fma week; elrics [day 12]

through the years

So I finally watched “Sacred Star of Milos” 2 weekends ago…

I think this gif might best depict my feelings for the movie as a whole;

(If anybody has anything better, please let me know.)