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Except for May Chang, I didn’t like the Xing characters. Other than fight scenes I would have preferred other characters to have and shipping bait, I can’t figure out what they added to the plot. Also, I get a big “American foreign exchange student in a Harry Potter fanfic” vibe from them.

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    I think that Ling is gary sue. I don’t like his design. He looks different to fma’s characters. Lan Fan, for me, isn’t a...
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    These are completely valid points! I just really like Ling as a character, so I give him a lot of leeway. Because he’s...
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    I’m the guy who submitted this confession, and I just felt like elaborating. One of the problems with Ling and his...
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    I like all the Xingese characters and loved how they interacted. Ling’s group was there to show the reach of the...
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    It’s funny because I think the same thing, but it’s about Mei instead of the others!!
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